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Motorhome Madness


Whilst many people deem caravans to be uncool, motorhomes seem to pass muster on the street cred front. Nonetheless motorhome ownership in the UK is still relatively limited probably because few people have sufficient space at their homes to keep such a vehicle and because fuel costs have been high in recent years. They aren’t cheap either! If you can’t afford your own motorhome then you can always rent one and I would thoroughly recommend that you do because travelling with your holiday home behind you is an absolute joy! Continue reading

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel New York

I am not usually a great fan of staying hotels, preferring instead the freedom and space afforded by self-catering accommodation. However, for short breaks a hotel is often the only option. If I do have to stay in a hotel I usually defer to a cheap one as I have so often found that the additional expense of a luxury hotel has not been justified by my experience of staying at the establishment concerned. A few years ago I found myself having to choose a hotel for a stay in New York but on that occasion I was very much determined to go the luxury route. Continue reading

Destinations for Diamond Lovers

Few people can resist the allure of a beautiful diamond and these wonderful gems are, after all, a girl’s best friend. Diamonds are fascinating natural wonders but sadly it isn’t possible to visit working mines to see the stones being recovered. There are, however, some great destinations for diamond lovers to visit and here are my tops picks. Continue reading

A Night of Magic

You shouldn’t decide whether you like magic shows or not until you have seen a big production in Las Vegas. I have always loved magicians and so I inevitably head for one of the shows and I have found that even cynics enjoy the experience. We all know there is no such thing as magic and sometimes we even know how the trick is done but the top performers are so skilled that it is their execution of the art that is so fascinating. Continue reading

Death Valley in a Day

I still smile when I think of my first visit to Death Valley. Just the name was enough to intimidate me and I was well aware of the place’s reputation for extreme temperatures and all the dangers they bring. With visions of an early death from dehydration in the desert I set off from Las Vegas with the aim of seeing Death Valley in a day. It was an ambitious plan to say the least as the valley covers some 3000 square miles but with little traffic on the roads a tour of the highlights appeared possible. Continue reading

Cowboys and Indians at Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah receives relatively few visitors annually, possibly due to its comparatively remote location. It is a shame that more people don’t find their way to Bryce as it is a stunningly beautiful area to explore and quite unlike anywhere else I have seen. I have visited the park twice and would love find myself there again one day. It is one of those places that look like they merit only a short trip but just continue to reveal new wonders and places to explore. Continue reading

It Will Have to Do

Travelling the Alaskan Interior is a real thrill. This truly is the last frontier and there is a wild and remote feel to every region which I simply haven’t experienced anywhere else. There is something amazing around every corner and when I toured the state I was constantly marvelling at how different life is for the people of the remote communities that I visited. This was certainly the case in Chitina, an isolated outpost in the Wrangell St Elias National Park. Continue reading

Memories of Diana

During her life Princess Diana was one of the best loved and most influential people on the planet. 16 years after her tragic death there is still a great fascination with the popular Princess. She was a fashion icon and a celebrated champion of good causes and today her clothes still remain a major attraction and a means to raise valuable funds. Continue reading

Adventures on the Tioga Road


Yosemite National Park attracts millions of visitors each year and is surely one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Sadly, though, most tourists confine themselves to Yosemite Valley and the immediate surrounds and so miss some of the park’s greatest wonders. If you are touring the region it is well worth venturing beyond the valley floor to explore the Tioga Road, a pass which runs west to east across the centre of the park.

Continue reading

Searching for the Sparkly Stuff

The Discovery Channel series Gold Rush and Gold Divers are proving to be immensely popular and that is no big surprise as the prospect of striking it rich is so alluring. Whilst most people probably don’t fancy taking themselves off to Alaska for half of the year to mine for gold it is possible for anyone to do a little prospecting in America and not just for gold. Continue reading