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The Waldorf Astoria Hotel New York

I am not usually a great fan of staying hotels, preferring instead the freedom and space afforded by self-catering accommodation. However, for short breaks a hotel is often the only option. If I do have to stay in a hotel I usually defer to a cheap one as I have so often found that the additional expense of a luxury hotel has not been justified by my experience of staying at the establishment concerned. A few years ago I found myself having to choose a hotel for a stay in New York but on that occasion I was very much determined to go the luxury route. Continue reading

Help My Hotel Is On Fire

If you travel regularly the occasional drama will befall you and it always seems to be in the most unlikely places. When I was relaxing in my hotel in Germany after a busy day at the nearby theme park the last thing I expected was to be evacuated from my room. This could be why my reactions weren’t quite as quick as they might have been.  Continue reading