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Pitfalls with Travel Insurance

We all know that we should invest in travel insurance and most of us are sensible enough to buy it but how many of us take the time to read the small print on our policies? With enormous tomes that would rival War and Peace the prospect of wading through every clause is not an appealing one but doing so could save us from big trouble later on. Given the amount of publicity that insurance has garnered most travellers will be aware of issues with pre-existing health conditions and cover for the elderly but there are all sorts of less obvious pitfalls lurking in that small print. Continue reading

How Not To Pack For a Skiing Trip


It is sometimes hard enough to cram everything you need into your luggage for a summer holiday but skiing trips can be an absolute nightmare! The flimsy allowances offered by many airlines combined with the amount of equipment you need to take can present some real challenges and if you are not careful you will find yourself setting off without any clothes or minus some of the little luxuries that could add enjoyment to your trip. Continue reading

Travelling At Christmas

Every year I dream about how nice it would be to go away for Christmas and every year I don’t do it! The thought of putting my feet up over the festive period and enjoying proceedings whilst someone else does all the work is an appealing one. There is also the fact that my brain is hard wired not to feel Christmassy unless there is snow on the ground and that just never seems to happen where I live. I would love to spend Christmas by an open fire with the snow falling outside so why do I never do it? Continue reading

Don’t Go Skiing Without Your Camera!

Every year millions of skiers head off for some fun in the snow and to enjoy the nightlife at their chosen resort. To add an extra dimension to your own skiing trip you should consider investing in a helmet camera. You won’t notice these little marvels when they are attached to your helmet but you can capture some great footage without having to fumble for your equipment or stop skiing to shoot the video. Continue reading