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Jelov Klanac Ranch

I expected places like Venice and Rome to impress me and being blown away by Yosemite National Park was hardly a surprise but I didn’t anticipate an almost life changing event when I visited a small ranch somewhere up a country lane in Northern Croatia. Life is full of surprises and I certainly got a big one when I arrived at Jelov Klanac.

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Holiday Footwear

Holidays are exciting and special times that we all look forward to. There is nothing quite like that feeling when you choose your clothes for the trip and start packing but when you are preparing for any trip it is crucial to select the right footwear. That new bikini and summer dress might make you feel good but think carefully about what you may or may not do on the holiday because the wrong shoes can quickly ruin a wonderful day. Continue reading

Pitfalls with Travel Insurance

We all know that we should invest in travel insurance and most of us are sensible enough to buy it but how many of us take the time to read the small print on our policies? With enormous tomes that would rival War and Peace the prospect of wading through every clause is not an appealing one but doing so could save us from big trouble later on. Given the amount of publicity that insurance has garnered most travellers will be aware of issues with pre-existing health conditions and cover for the elderly but there are all sorts of less obvious pitfalls lurking in that small print. Continue reading

Useful Accessories for Fun In The Sun

Whatever kind of holiday you enjoy you will probably be travelling with a few gadgets and valuables. Nobody goes anywhere these days without their mobile phone and many will have e-readers, tablets and cameras too. You will always have keys of some description with you and then there is your wallet. It is all too easy to find yourself in a situation when you don’t know what to do with your possessions or find that they could get damaged but there are some nifty accessories which can really help and which won’t take up too much valuable room in your luggage. Continue reading

Searching for the Sparkly Stuff

The Discovery Channel series Gold Rush and Gold Divers are proving to be immensely popular and that is no big surprise as the prospect of striking it rich is so alluring. Whilst most people probably don’t fancy taking themselves off to Alaska for half of the year to mine for gold it is possible for anyone to do a little prospecting in America and not just for gold. Continue reading

Great UK Horse Riding Breaks

Horse riding holidays make a great alternative to the regular adventure or activity break. It’s a great chance to give horse riding a go if you’ve always wanted to do it, or give your children the opportunity to try. There’s a lot of different kinds of horse riding breaks all over the UK, from short route to much longer treks. Here are five different places in Britain that are great for families to try. Continue reading