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Trouble with Travel Insurance


When travelling abroad it is extremely important to obtain adequate travel insurance to protect you when something goes wrong. Most people take out insurance primarily for the cancellation and medical cover and so probably do not delve too deeply into the other details of their policy. This could cause many people a big problem because changing lifestyles in recent years have meant that there is one aspect of travel cover where almost everyone will find themselves underinsured. These days people tend to travel with many of their gadgets like mobile phones, tablets and laptops. These are valuable items and almost everyone will be travelling with at least one of these but sadly they are unlikely to be sufficiently covered by any travel insurance policy issued in the UK. Continue reading

Holiday Packing Tips


When your holiday is approaching your thoughts inevitably turn to the subject of what to pack and with some airline luggage allowances being rather stingy the task of deciding what to take can be difficult. The situation is even worse if you have opted to take hand luggage only and so some careful planning is in order! You must be careful not to exceed your allowance otherwise you risk incurring additional charges which can be fairly hefty. There are some things you can do to minimise the volume you have to carry without making unwanted sacrifices and here are some top tips on how to keep your luggage to a minimum. Continue reading

Driving in France

Recently I was planning a short trip to France to visit friends as they’ve recently moved to Lyon to run a B&B. Anyway, another friend who I was meant to be travelling with has now broken their leg and the whole thing has been canned. Whilst researching the route and trip I noticed that there are a lot of conditions on driving legally in France. Far more hoops to be jumped through now than I remember my parents having to do on family holidays 15 years ago. So what things are you going to want to take aside from a jerry-can and warm Blanket?

Driving in France

French Flag by francois via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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Product Review – Roncato UNO SL Cabin Trolley

Vital Statistics

Roncato Uno Sl Cabin © Charlotte Reid London – All Rights Reserved

Materials: Polycarbonate150d Nylon / Polyester.

Cabin Dimensions: 40, 55, 20 (cm) Width, Height, Depth.

Weight and Capacity: Weight: 2.2 Kg Capacity: 35 (litres).

Designed and manufactured in Italy the ‘Uno’ is one of Roncato’s latest and most innovative products.  Alone the Uno combines 12 of Roncato’s unique patents, all worked in to provide you with one of the most practical and great looking pieces of luggage that we’ve seen.

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Tarvisio and Sella Nevea

sella Nevea scene

If you enjoy a good skiing holiday but are tired of crowded resorts and interminable queues for the lifts then the Italian resorts of Tarvisio and Sella Nevea could be worth considering. The two towns are just a 30 minute drive apart and so can be experienced in the same trip and both are close to the Slovenian border allowing access to both Kranjska Gora and Kanin. Continue reading

Top 5 Things to Do In Madrid


The vibrant capital of Spain, Madrid, is only a couple of hours from the UK by air and has become one of the top weekend break destinations. Madrid is a beautiful city which is packed with history and things to see and do, and often when you’re only there for the weekend the main problem is prioritising what you want to see first. Continue reading

A Disastrous Skier

IMG_0700 (650x488)

To say that my best friend is not sporty would be to drastically understate the matter. He does not do sport, he does not do exercise and he has two left feet. It was, therefore, something of a surprise when he decided to join me in taking up skiing and on our first trip I discovered just how perilous the sport can be and I don’t just mean on the piste! Continue reading

The Amalfi Coast

Copy (2) of IMG_3298

If you haven’t created your own Bucket List yet then when you do make sure that driving the Amalfi coast is on it! Surely Europe’s most gorgeous coastal region, the southern edge of the Sorrentine Peninsula attracts millions of visitors and is a popular haunt of the rich and famous. The area was virtually cut off from the rest of the world until the middle of the 19th Century when the coastal road was constructed and then word of the outstanding beauty on offer spread quickly attracting the wealthy to the region as well as many composers, artists and writers seeking inspiration. Continue reading

Cheapskate or Intrepid Adventurer?

IMG_3819 (367x550)

My constant quest for the best value holidays is not a result of being a cheapskate. No! Honestly it really isn’t! I seek out the deals because I love travelling and need to spread my puny budget as far as possible. It is not just a case of finding the lowest price but more one of the best overall value and the best time to make the trip. If I am going somewhere special I don’t want to share my experience with half of the developed world and I can’t bear to waste my precious holiday time in queues. Long lines and high prices put me in a rage and so I make all reasonable attempts to buy myself the best experience that I can. If you do your homework and make a big effort it is incredible how much better your holiday can be. Continue reading