Monthly Archives: July 2013

An Accidental Naturist


The weather at the weekend was so lovely that I thought a trip to the beach was in order! My partner and best friend were in agreement and so we set off for Dorset looking forward to a lovely day in the sun. The traffic was predictably terrible and by the time we arrived at Studland Bay the car parks were full and we were forced to park on the road half way along the beach. We had a ten minute walk to reach the sand and it wasn’t until we were almost there that I realised we were approaching the naturist section of Studland. Continue reading

A Magnificent Day on Horseback


The Julian Alps of Slovenia are the perfect destination for anyone who relishes time in the great outdoors. The scenery is stunning with the majestic peaks dissected by the shimmering blue threads of pristine alpine rivers. The region is the perfect place to go hiking and also boasts the opportunity to participate in several exciting activities courtesy of the local sports agencies which cater for experts and beginners in white water rafting, kayaking, quad biking and Horse Riding. Continue reading

The Smiler

Last month, after many false starts and a great deal of anticipation, I took my first ride on the Smiler at Alton Towers. I set out for the park full of dread in the wake of numerous reports regarding enormous queues and frequent breakdowns. I am not a person blessed with great patience and really do not relish lengthy waits for rides no matter how good they may turn out to be. In the event, thanks to the advice of my friend, things worked out rather well. Continue reading