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The Perfect Beach Holiday

Adventures on Hvar, Croatia

A few years ago, I was watching The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian for some bizarre reason and fell in love with the scenery. Immediately my partner sprinted to our office and started Googling film locations and it turned out that the battle scenes were filmed in Bovec, Slovenia. Ever since then, I’ve been fascinated with the countries that make up the former Yugoslavia and have visited many times, but it was only last year that we first went to Croatia. Continue reading

Jelov Klanac Ranch

I expected places like Venice and Rome to impress me and being blown away by Yosemite National Park was hardly a surprise but I didn’t anticipate an almost life changing event when I visited a small ranch somewhere up a country lane in Northern Croatia. Life is full of surprises and I certainly got a big one when I arrived at Jelov Klanac.

Continue reading

New Horizons

I always thought of myself as an adventurous traveller willing to explore the places that others wouldn’t consider but after reading an article in the Independent today I feel rather deflated. Perhaps I am more influenced by current trends than I had previously thought as it turns out that some of the destinations on my hit list are in fact tipped to be hotspots this year. Continue reading

The Law of Supply and Demand

I can still remember the days when International travel was the preserve of the rich. The jetset would have their holidays abroad whilst the rest of us just ventured down the road to the seaside. When overseas holidays did become available to the masses everyone was heading for Spain and the Canary islands or jumping on a ferry and visiting France. As time has passed, however, people are venturing further afield and to more exotic destinations. Continue reading