Monthly Archives: September 2013

Searching for the Sparkly Stuff

The Discovery Channel series Gold Rush and Gold Divers are proving to be immensely popular and that is no big surprise as the prospect of striking it rich is so alluring. Whilst most people probably don’t fancy taking themselves off to Alaska for half of the year to mine for gold it is possible for anyone to do a little prospecting in America and not just for gold. Continue reading

Chilling Out At The Ice Hotel

ice bar

If you’re looking for a holiday with a difference, forget about the luxury hotels in the Caribbean or a villa on your own private island. Scandinavia is big news at the moment with TV dramas like The Killing attracting record viewing figures for a foreign language television series, and although most tourists heading north for their holidays stick to the summer months, the best time to go is in winter, when you have the opportunity to visit one of the incredible ice hotels that are created each autumn. Continue reading