Monthly Archives: August 2013

Good and Bad In Las Vegas

I like to travel light for my holidays. As I am generally hiking in the mountains or riding roller coasters at theme parks I have never seen the sense in dragging a massive amount of luggage around and so I rarely holiday with many, if any, smart clothes. This is generally not a problem as most establishments in tourist destinations don’t seem to care about your appearance but occasionally you stumble across some narrow minded people who decide to look down on you from a very great height. When I enter a hotel or restaurant I think I have a right to expect some decent service as I spend my hard earned cash but some places simply aren’t that nice. Continue reading

A quieter pace of life in Cornwall


Cornwall is one of England’s most beautiful counties and has been a destination of choice for holidaymakers for many years due to its climate and spectacular scenery. Increasingly though it’s not just the holidaymakers and the retired people who are moving to Cornwall in search of a quieter way of life, it’s young professionals and families with children who are realising that the internet and other technologies mean that they can work just as efficiently in Cornwall as anywhere else in the UK. Continue reading

Is Britain Best?

I noted with interest that the One Show on the BBC has been broadcasting from Weston Super Mare this week. I am sure this is an attempt to highlight the benefits of a holiday in the UK but I am not buying it. Of all the places that I regularly consider spending my precious holiday time each year, the UK would be bottom of my list and there are plenty of good reasons why. Continue reading

How Not To Pack For a Skiing Trip


It is sometimes hard enough to cram everything you need into your luggage for a summer holiday but skiing trips can be an absolute nightmare! The flimsy allowances offered by many airlines combined with the amount of equipment you need to take can present some real challenges and if you are not careful you will find yourself setting off without any clothes or minus some of the little luxuries that could add enjoyment to your trip. Continue reading

Holiday Reading


I love reading but rarely have the time to snatch more than a few minutes with my treasured books unless I am on holiday. Holidays present all sorts of opportunities to spend quality time relaxing with a book but also throw up other issues not the least of which has always been how to cram enough reading matter into my luggage! Continue reading

Travelling At Christmas

Every year I dream about how nice it would be to go away for Christmas and every year I don’t do it! The thought of putting my feet up over the festive period and enjoying proceedings whilst someone else does all the work is an appealing one. There is also the fact that my brain is hard wired not to feel Christmassy unless there is snow on the ground and that just never seems to happen where I live. I would love to spend Christmas by an open fire with the snow falling outside so why do I never do it? Continue reading

A Unique San Francisco Hotel

Like most large American cities, San Francisco has a wealth of faceless, modern hotels operated by the big chains. Many of these are conveniently situated close the major attractions on the waterfront and make good bases to explore the city but you will forget them as soon as you walk out of the front doors. For an altogether different experience, without sacrificing the convenience of the location, consider a stay at the historic San Remo Hotel which is a unique establishment that will certainly linger in the memory. Continue reading