Monthly Archives: June 2013

Great UK Horse Riding Breaks

Horse riding holidays make a great alternative to the regular adventure or activity break. It’s a great chance to give horse riding a go if you’ve always wanted to do it, or give your children the opportunity to try. There’s a lot of different kinds of horse riding breaks all over the UK, from short route to much longer treks. Here are five different places in Britain that are great for families to try. Continue reading

Travelling With Kids – Keeping them Happy on the Journey


We all know that travelling with kids can be a nightmare.  If they get bored and become restless they can really play up and finding themselves in a strange place or even a different country can be very disorientating and stressful.  If you want to avoid tantrums in the car or a disrupted flight then there are some things you can do to improve your chances. Continue reading

Don’t Go Skiing Without Your Camera!

Every year millions of skiers head off for some fun in the snow and to enjoy the nightlife at their chosen resort. To add an extra dimension to your own skiing trip you should consider investing in a helmet camera. You won’t notice these little marvels when they are attached to your helmet but you can capture some great footage without having to fumble for your equipment or stop skiing to shoot the video. Continue reading