Monthly Archives: January 2014

Choosing a Holiday Rental Property Online

More people than ever are now shunning travel agents and tour operators and are organising and booking their own holidays. Those who arrange their own trips save money and do not have to make compromises on when they fly and which property they stay in. Everything can be sourced and booked online but when it comes to self-catering accommodation it can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. Continue reading

Renting Extras with RV’s


If you haven’t tried a motorhome holiday then you really should. There is something unique and liberating about touring this way. It is possible to visit numerous destinations without the need to pack and unpack and lodging in a campsite puts you in the heart of the great outdoors. Driving the vehicles is surprisingly easy and you soon get used to hooking up your utilities but I do have one cautionary note. When you rent your vehicle you will be offered a variety of extras which may look appealing but which you will often find are not available when you arrive. Continue reading

Flying With Small Children

I have never had to travel with small children but my recent visits to airports have demonstrated to me just how difficult that is. It was my skiing trip over the festive period that highlighted how easy I had it in comparison to the many parents who were struggling in the airport. Continue reading

The Pension Dilemma

Every so often the issue of pensions raises its head above the parapet only to drop off the news map again for a few months. Pensions are the ultimate political hot potato. They are a huge problem but doing anything to tackle the situation is going to alienate voters at an unprecedented rate. Why? Because solving the pension nightmare is going to involve relieving people of more of their income and that might well be political suicide. Unfortunately ignoring the problem is storing up a major disaster for the future so who is going to be brave enough to make changes in time? Continue reading