Want to Take Toys With You on Holiday?

Pack clever and you can have enough space for all their favourite toys.

When you are packing for a holiday one thing that is always an issue is space.

You might think packing for children is easier simply because their clothes are smaller, however there are plenty of other things that you may want (or need to) cram in their smaller sized suitcases.

Toys are one of these things. Your child may very well want to pack their much loved train, doll or action figure to join in on their holiday adventure. But you are less than keen to waste space that you could use for those essential items.

We are here to help. We have put together some top tips on smart packing so that you have more room in your luggage to pop in a racing car or two!

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Rolling it up

When we pack up a suitcase folding always seems to be the standard for clothes; but it is time to think a different way. Rolling up your children’s clothes not only squeezes out the air, it means you can make better use of the available.

The rule of three out the air within them but it also means that you can stuff more items into the same space.

As a parent we tend to want to pack for the worst case scenario. This means that you can often end up going away with 10 pairs of shorts and a ton of socks. If you are concerned about the amount of space that you have, then why not limit the amount of things you take?

Tricky we know, which is why we recommended the rule of three. One to wear, one to wash and one to dry! This means that you can cut back on the amount you take in your suitcase.

This works because there are always places to wash your clothes no matter where in the world you are (even the sink will do) and it doesn’t take long for clothes to dry in the sunshine.

Layer up

Not sure on what the weather is going to be like during your trip? This may mean that you are more likely to be tempted to pop in a variety of different outfits for all weathers. Instead, why not see if each item can be layered up to battle any type of weather?

Worried about rain? Take a lightweight coat or poncho that can be popped over a t-shirt or jumper. Think it may get colder in the evening? Just pack a cardigan or jumper that they can wear over their daytime summer clothes.

Encourage them to take Smaller Toys

So you have made the most of the space that you have and your mini traveller has been given permission to bring a toy with them. Now is the time to encourage them to pack smaller toys that take up little space. A train, a car, perhaps even a Barbie or two; they may want to pack their entire collection of Marvel Avengers into the suitcase but now is the time to say no.

The truth of the matter (and don’t tell them that we said this) they are going to be having so much fun away from home that the last thing they will want to do is play with their toys!

So if you are planning what to pack on holiday and your child asks if Thomas or Baby Annabelle can come, don’t say no! With our help you will not only make their holiday all the more fun but also ensure that yours is less stressful!