Monthly Archives: November 2013

Covent Garden

I am a frequent visitor to London and am well used to all of the principle sights but one place that I always seem to find myself is Covent Garden. The site of the old fruit and veg market is now a place of many delights for both tourists and Londoners alike and I for one find it difficult to stay away for too long. Continue reading

The Miracle of Flight


I am always amazed that any flight manages to get off the ground at all let alone on time when you look at the antics of many of the passengers. It is incredible how the simple act of traversing an airport and boarding an aircraft is turned into an epic to rival Lord of the Rings by some people for whom life is just a major complication. Continue reading

Hooray I Can read on The Plane

Having discovered the many advantages of an e-reader when travelling, it was always a matter of some frustration that I had to turn the thing off during take-off and landing. There is nothing worse than being at a crucial point in a story when that annoying voice pops up on the PA system asking you to turn off all electronic devices. I never understood why this action was necessary and how my enjoyment of Jack Reacher’s latest exploits could possibly affect the plane and now it seems that the safety authorities agree with my assessment. Continue reading

Mount Vesuvius


As you fly into Naples airport the horizon is dominated by the hulking mass of Mount Vesuvius. The volcano provides a striking, beautiful yet threatening backdrop to what is now a huge urban sprawl. I suspect that there are few visitors to the region who do not pause to contemplate the very real prospect of an eruption and if you tour Pompeii you get a terrifying look at what happens when the mountain blows its top. Continue reading

In Search of a Good Day Out

I work hard during the week and not being one for lounging about when I do get some free time I am always looking for a great day out. The trouble is, now that I have reached a certain age, I appear to exhausted most of the possibilities in the UK and there are few attractions which have merited a second visit. I have been spoiled by travelling too much and discovering so many special places. So much of what is on offer in the UK just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. Continue reading

Cowboys and Indians at Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah receives relatively few visitors annually, possibly due to its comparatively remote location. It is a shame that more people don’t find their way to Bryce as it is a stunningly beautiful area to explore and quite unlike anywhere else I have seen. I have visited the park twice and would love find myself there again one day. It is one of those places that look like they merit only a short trip but just continue to reveal new wonders and places to explore. Continue reading

The Law of Supply and Demand

I can still remember the days when International travel was the preserve of the rich. The jetset would have their holidays abroad whilst the rest of us just ventured down the road to the seaside. When overseas holidays did become available to the masses everyone was heading for Spain and the Canary islands or jumping on a ferry and visiting France. As time has passed, however, people are venturing further afield and to more exotic destinations. Continue reading

It Will Have to Do

Travelling the Alaskan Interior is a real thrill. This truly is the last frontier and there is a wild and remote feel to every region which I simply haven’t experienced anywhere else. There is something amazing around every corner and when I toured the state I was constantly marvelling at how different life is for the people of the remote communities that I visited. This was certainly the case in Chitina, an isolated outpost in the Wrangell St Elias National Park. Continue reading