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Motorhome Madness


Whilst many people deem caravans to be uncool, motorhomes seem to pass muster on the street cred front. Nonetheless motorhome ownership in the UK is still relatively limited probably because few people have sufficient space at their homes to keep such a vehicle and because fuel costs have been high in recent years. They aren’t cheap either! If you can’t afford your own motorhome then you can always rent one and I would thoroughly recommend that you do because travelling with your holiday home behind you is an absolute joy! Continue reading

Renting Extras with RV’s


If you haven’t tried a motorhome holiday then you really should. There is something unique and liberating about touring this way. It is possible to visit numerous destinations without the need to pack and unpack and lodging in a campsite puts you in the heart of the great outdoors. Driving the vehicles is surprisingly easy and you soon get used to hooking up your utilities but I do have one cautionary note. When you rent your vehicle you will be offered a variety of extras which may look appealing but which you will often find are not available when you arrive. Continue reading