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The Aladdin’s Cave of Fishing

Living in the UK you get rather used to the fact that every possible commercial opportunity is seized upon and this situation can sometimes leave you feeling exploited and rather tired of being advertised to! Any café or restaurant in or near a tourist attraction charges crazy prices and everything that could vaguely be described as an attraction warrants an entrance fee. Parking charges can be ridiculous and you can’t go to the supermarket without being asked if you want your car washed, a crack in your windscreen fixed or if you could make a donation to a food bank. Leaving the house to go anywhere involves resisting a hundred ways to spend your money on things you didn’t know you wanted. Thankfully life isn’t like this everywhere – yet! Continue reading

Caught Out in the Mountains

If you love the great outdoors then there is no better place to spend your time than the mountains. Hiking in the mountains gives you such a sense of freedom and joy that it is little wonder that so many people book lakes and mountains holidays every year. The mountains are not without their dangers however, as even the summer months can feature extreme weather conditions that can really leave you in trouble. Continue reading

Choosing a Holiday Rental Property Online

More people than ever are now shunning travel agents and tour operators and are organising and booking their own holidays. Those who arrange their own trips save money and do not have to make compromises on when they fly and which property they stay in. Everything can be sourced and booked online but when it comes to self-catering accommodation it can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. Continue reading

Dreaming of a Christmas Holiday

It was only recently that I realised that virtually every year of my adult life I had wanted to take a holiday over the Christmas period but in an epic fail had never actually managed to leave the country! As the so called festive period approached I always found that I felt somewhat less than festive and was dreading the inevitability of so much that happens at Christmas. Continue reading

A Magnificent Day on Horseback


The Julian Alps of Slovenia are the perfect destination for anyone who relishes time in the great outdoors. The scenery is stunning with the majestic peaks dissected by the shimmering blue threads of pristine alpine rivers. The region is the perfect place to go hiking and also boasts the opportunity to participate in several exciting activities courtesy of the local sports agencies which cater for experts and beginners in white water rafting, kayaking, quad biking and Horse Riding. Continue reading

A Disastrous Skier

IMG_0700 (650x488)

To say that my best friend is not sporty would be to drastically understate the matter. He does not do sport, he does not do exercise and he has two left feet. It was, therefore, something of a surprise when he decided to join me in taking up skiing and on our first trip I discovered just how perilous the sport can be and I don’t just mean on the piste! Continue reading