Product Review – Roncato UNO SL Cabin Trolley

Vital Statistics

Roncato Uno Sl Cabin © Charlotte Reid London – All Rights Reserved

Materials: Polycarbonate150d Nylon / Polyester.

Cabin Dimensions: 40, 55, 20 (cm) Width, Height, Depth.

Weight and Capacity: Weight: 2.2 Kg Capacity: 35 (litres).

Designed and manufactured in Italy the ‘Uno’ is one of Roncato’s latest and most innovative products.  Alone the Uno combines 12 of Roncato’s unique patents, all worked in to provide you with one of the most practical and great looking pieces of luggage that we’ve seen.

Perfect for a short trip, the Uno Sl Cabin trolley is a great buy for anybody who loves to travel light, or who travels frequently for business. As Roncato is an Italian brand we were naturally unsurprised to see the stunning design of this item. Roncato really have made a product which wraps up great looks and functionality seamlessly.

As you would expect with a modern piece of Cabin luggage, the Roncato Uno Sl Cabin features a telescopic handle and four wheels for easy transportation. Being relatively small in size and with a fixed handle on the top the Uno Sl Cabin trolley is easy to lift and place within an overhead storage compartment.

Roncato Uno Sl Cabin © Charlotte Reid London – All Rights Reserved

These days whilst travelling in and around the USA it’s recommended to have your luggage firmly locked up with a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved lock. These allow the USA security officials to open cases without damaging locks they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. Having a TSA lock can cut down the time you wait to pass security checks where these measures are in place. This Roncato Uno Sl Cabin features a TSA combination lock built into its standardised design.

Inside the Roncato Uno Sl Cabin trolley you will find useful mesh compartments and straps with which to condense luggage and maximise space. Outside you will notice that this product has a beautiful colour and there are plenty more available where that came from in the full Roncato luggage collection. In terms of construction materials this case is made from one of the most modern and well respected materials in the industry; Polycarbonate.

Roncato Uno Sl Cabin © Charlotte Reid London – All Rights Reserved

With thanks to Charlotte Reid London for opportunity to take a closer look at this great product. You can shop for the Uno Sl Cabin online at Charlotte Reid London here. Charlotte Reid London also has a selection of excellent travel accessories and Italian leather handbags too.