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Pitfalls with Travel Insurance

We all know that we should invest in travel insurance and most of us are sensible enough to buy it but how many of us take the time to read the small print on our policies? With enormous tomes that would rival War and Peace the prospect of wading through every clause is not an appealing one but doing so could save us from big trouble later on. Given the amount of publicity that insurance has garnered most travellers will be aware of issues with pre-existing health conditions and cover for the elderly but there are all sorts of less obvious pitfalls lurking in that small print. Continue reading

Driving in France

Recently I was planning a short trip to France to visit friends as they’ve recently moved to Lyon to run a B&B. Anyway, another friend who I was meant to be travelling with has now broken their leg and the whole thing has been canned. Whilst researching the route and trip I noticed that there are a lot of conditions on driving legally in France. Far more hoops to be jumped through now than I remember my parents having to do on family holidays 15 years ago. So what things are you going to want to take aside from a jerry-can and warm Blanket?

Driving in France

French Flag by francois via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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