The Best Place to Shop?

Personally I would never choose a holiday destination for the shopping opportunities there, neither would I travel specifically to shop. However, I do enjoy the occasional bout of retail therapy but only if what is on offer is materially different to what I can find on the high street at home. I often laugh when I read articles about great shopping destinations as having visited many of the perennial favourites like New York, I know only too well that you won’t find anything different there at all. Continue reading

The Ice Caves of Werfen

The Eisriesenwelt ice cave near Werfen in Austria is one of the more incredible places that I have visited over the years. I have seen a lot of caves and so it takes something pretty spectacular to impress me but this place had the wow factor in spades.

I was actually enjoying a week of adventures sports at the time and hadn’t really intended to do any sightseeing but I was heartily glad that a last minute change of plan sent me in the direction of those caves. The whole visit turned out to be a wonderful adventure! Continue reading

Please Could Christmas Come Early!

I don’t literally mean Christmas because I don’t think anyone is going to move the festive season forward to accommodate me. It is the retail extravaganza that I want to arrive sooner rather than later and not because I intend to buy any presents. I need Christmas to come early, at least to the shops, because I am decorating my hallway! Continue reading

Holidays for the Menopausal Woman

The menopause will typically give a woman plenty to think about. It is the end of an era that can actually also feel like the beginning of the end and there are many inconveniences to be accommodated. These can have a serious impact on a holiday and so women of a certain age may have to carefully consider their travel plans and I should know because I am just such a woman. Continue reading

The Paranoia of Modern Life

As a writer my work necessarily entails a great deal of research. I am always looking for breaking news and interesting stories but I sometimes wonder if I would be a lot happier if I didn’t. Every day my eyes are drawn to the latest scandal about some feature of modern life that is slowly killing off mankind and now I find that I am examining every aspect of my own life to see what harm I may be doing to myself.

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Useful Travel Accessories – The Sewing Kit

When you are packing for your next trip it is easy to remember your swimming gear and beach towel and for the outdoor adventurer your walking boots and your camera. There are many useful accessories that you should also consider squeezing in and one of them is a small sewing kit. I have lost count of the amount of times that these little marvels have come in handy for me and I now never travel without one wherever I am going.

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When Your Pets Get Left Behind


Our holidays are always highlights of the year but for pet owners they can be a stressful time too. It is never nice to leave your much loved pets behind and there will always be concerns over their welfare whilst you are away. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide how they should be cared for so here are some tips to help you make that all important decision. Continue reading

How to Rent a Car Without Being Ripped Off


Every year millions of tourists are ripped off by car rental companies. There is no worse feeling than standing at that desk watching your charges escalate and then walking outside to find that the enormous fee has not provided you with a Porche but rather the smallest and least interesting car on the lot. If you want to get a good deal then it takes a little time and you must steel yourself against the onslaught of emotional blackmail that we will be coming right at you when you arrive at that desk. Continue reading

Why Self Catering?

IMG_0307 (750x500)

The thought of cooking on holiday fills some people with dread. After all we go on holiday to escape the chores and our normal lives. At least that is the general idea. So self-catering is firmly off the menu when many travellers book their trips but not for me. I always go self-catering if the option is available and not just because I enjoy time in the kitchen. Continue reading