Why Self Catering?

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The thought of cooking on holiday fills some people with dread. After all we go on holiday to escape the chores and our normal lives. At least that is the general idea. So self-catering is firmly off the menu when many travellers book their trips but not for me. I always go self-catering if the option is available and not just because I enjoy time in the kitchen.

Freedom and Space

It’s not that I relish the thought of dirty dishes and cleaning the kitchen but these are small inconveniences I can bare in order to enjoy the advantages of a private apartment, beautiful house or quaint cottage.  These properties afford a great deal more privacy, peace and freedom, all of which are much more important to me than a little bit of washing up. There is nothing better than enjoying your meal al fresco on your balcony or relaxing with a glass of wine on the terrace and then there is the issue of space.

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A Place to Relax

I don’t enjoy hotels as I find there is nothing more annoying than noisy guests and being confined to one room. I am not wealthy enough to book luxury suites but a great holiday home gives you that luxury and space without the ludicrous price tag. I am an adventurous sort and don’t spend that much of the day in my accommodation but it is wonderful to have the space available and to be able to relax in the evenings without the hassle of dressing for dinner.

Local Produce

In any case I enjoy a bit of cooking and I love exploring the shops and markets for fresh produce and local specialities. I have found the most wonderful ingredients that could help even the most cack handed cook create a masterpiece and it is always a matter of great relief to discover a well equipped kitchen with all the utensils and pans that I need when I first step into my temporary home. Let’s face it if you don’t fancy cooking you can always eat out anyway, just as you would in a hotel, but you will pay less for your accommodation.

Saving Money

Cost is a huge factor in any decisions about holidays. We all have budgetary restrictions to one degree or another so why not save those valuable pennies by booking self-catering accommodation even if you forego the catering bit and just use the property as a place to relax and sleep? It is almost always the cheapest option and gives you a lot more bang for your buck. With the well-established booking sites the risks of dealing with private owners are minimal and by using Google Earth you can see what the location is like before you make your choice.

Plain Sailing

The majority of accommodation that I have booked has turned out to be better than I imagined and I have never had any major issues with the properties. In fact I have found some breath-taking places that beat the socks off the local hotels in term of lifestyle and cost and I can only urge those with a cooking phobia to give this kind of holiday a try even if they forego the cooking.


Article by Sally Stacey