Holiday Footwear

Holidays are exciting and special times that we all look forward to. There is nothing quite like that feeling when you choose your clothes for the trip and start packing but when you are preparing for any trip it is crucial to select the right footwear. That new bikini and summer dress might make you feel good but think carefully about what you may or may not do on the holiday because the wrong shoes can quickly ruin a wonderful day.

The Beach

Even if you intend to spend your entire holiday on the beach it pays to find out what lies between your accommodation and that beach and also the nature of the terrain. If the beach is pebbly or rocky, there are rock pools to explore or a cliff path to negotiate then flip flops will not be sufficient to protect your feet. It is always useful to pop a pair of trainers into your bag and for clambering about on the coast you cannot beat aqua shoes. These are lightweight shoes with reinforced soles which take up very little room and you can easily swim with them on. Whilst others are picking their way uncomfortably across the terrain you can stride to the water in confidence and you won’t have to worry about what is on the sea bed.


Hiking the Trails

If you are travelling to an area of outstanding natural beauty then do take robust footwear like walking boots in case you feel like an exploration. You may not be interested in hiking but once you arrive at your destination the urge to explore could see you out on the trails where the wrong footwear will quickly become uncomfortable or even disintegrate. I remember the day I was walking in Yosemite National Park and passed a couple of travellers who were attempting the legendary Four Mile Trail in flip flops!

Their feet must have been cut to shreds very quickly and there was every chance that those flip flops would break leaving them having to walk bare foot to get back to civilisation. Taking on mountain trails without walking boots leaves you open to ankle injuries too. A good pair of boots and are great investment and will last for years and years. I always take mine everywhere even if I don’t anticipate using them as you just never know.

Clambering on the Rocks

On that same trip to Yosemite I also enjoyed a clamber over the rocks to several of the spectacular waterfalls in the park. Whilst other visitors picked their way tentatively across the landscape I was able to walk normally across the rocks and pools thanks to my aqua shoes which I always keep in the side pocket of by rucksack.


It can be difficult to find space in your luggage for everything you wish to take but it is worth making sure that a good selection of footwear travels with you everywhere. Save space by wearing the bulkiest pair of shoes or boots on the plane and take trainers and something smart to cover all eventualities. No holiday will be enjoyable if you can’t go everywhere you want to go and painful feet are a nightmare that you should avoid at all costs.


Article by Sally Stacey