Great UK Horse Riding Breaks

Horse riding holidays make a great alternative to the regular adventure or activity break. It’s a great chance to give horse riding a go if you’ve always wanted to do it, or give your children the opportunity to try. There’s a lot of different kinds of horse riding breaks all over the UK, from short route to much longer treks. Here are five different places in Britain that are great for families to try.

Dunton Stables, West Midlands

Dunton Stables is known for being the ideal destination for families and encouraging young riders. Specialising in horse and pony treks, particularly mini-treks, Dunton Stables offers a really good start in the world of horse riding. You can take in a two hour trek around Kingsbury Water Park, which offers a picturesque backdrop to your jaunt. The stables also have a team of knowledgable and dedicated trainers who are on hand to help you, whether you’ve had some horse riding experience or you’re a complete beginner.

Caeiago Horse Riding Centre, Wales

Established in the late 1960s, the Caeiago Horse Riding Centre has provided holiday makers with great surrounding for trekking. Perfect for beginners, the centre’s training staff are there to get you used to the basics, then take you out for lovely long rides near the stunning Cambrian mountains. You don’t have to stick to just horse riding, as there are lots of walks to be taken in the area, along with mountain bike paths. When it all gets a bit much, you can even take advantage of the centre’s sports massage and aromatherapy.

Hurstwood Farm, East Sussex

Lying within a group of charming holiday cottages, Hurstwood Farm offers creature comforts and excellent horse riding trails. Wake up in your 4-star holiday cottage and begin your day with a nice, easy ride on one of the well-trained, family friendly horses. The area is beautiful, and boasts various arena sizes and a large, open areas with jumps.

Stonetrail Riding Centre, Cumbria

There’s nothing like experiencing the rugged beauty of the Eden Valley, and the Stonetrail Riding Centre accommodates riding trails through Cumbrian fells and the Yorkshire Dales. Don your horseback clothes and ride your horse around the specially maintained bridleways such as the Eden Valley Loops and Pennine Bridleway. This is a fantastic way to explore the incredible, open ranges of this outstanding part of the UK.