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Watch What You Put in Your Hand Luggage at Christmas


With the festive season approaching airports and airlines are issuing warnings reminding passengers to think carefully about what they pack, especially in their hand luggage. Christmas journeys see travellers packing all sorts of things which they would not normally consider taking on holiday and inevitably some passengers fall foul of security regulations, often with what appear to be innocent items. Continue reading

The Miracle of Flight


I am always amazed that any flight manages to get off the ground at all let alone on time when you look at the antics of many of the passengers. It is incredible how the simple act of traversing an airport and boarding an aircraft is turned into an epic to rival Lord of the Rings by some people for whom life is just a major complication. Continue reading

The Plane that Left Without its Passengers


Every passenger’s worst nightmare is missing their flight but you generally think that everything is alright once you have walked through the gate and are proceeding down the corridor to the plane. It now appears that even then you might contrive to miss your flight as 29 EasyJet passengers discovered this week. I know low cost airlines are targeted by the press, often unjustly, but sometimes they really don’t help themselves! Continue reading