Don’t Go Skiing Without Your Camera!

Every year millions of skiers head off for some fun in the snow and to enjoy the nightlife at their chosen resort. To add an extra dimension to your own skiing trip you should consider investing in a helmet camera. You won’t notice these little marvels when they are attached to your helmet but you can capture some great footage without having to fumble for your equipment or stop skiing to shoot the video.

Record your own daredevil runs from start to finish and you will either capture your brilliance or record a more calamitous event for your friends and family to enjoy afterwards. Hopefully you won’t do something as drastic as fall off a huge cliff with your camera rolling like this guy did!

He lived to tell the tale and had the evidence of exactly how dramatic his fall was. I bet he won’t loiter near the edge of a cliff again!

If you are really lucky you might capture another person’s idiotic moments and let’s face it they are not difficult to find on the slopes! Helmet cameras recorded all sorts of hilarious skiing antics across the world.

On a more serious note the act of skiing can also result in becoming involved in some rather grave situations like being caught in an avalanche like this unlucky fellow.


Sometimes skiers actually cause avalanches and you could capture an event like this one.

If nothing else your helmet camera will provide great footage of your trip which you can keep for the future and perhaps review whenever you need a good laugh! For the best results invest in quality equipment that will serve you well for years like Contour helmet Cameras. These industry leading cameras record high quality footage and have a rotating lens for a 170 degree view. You can stream live to another device to review your pictures and connect to a mobile device via Bluetooth. Contour helmet cameras also have built in GPS, tracking your location and altitude every two seconds!

Don’t ever let another great moment escape you again. Record everything you see and who knows what amazing footage could be yours!


Article by Sally Stacey